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Things You Need To Know About Some Famous Serial Killers

Serial killers have been there since long time ago, and they are known to be mothers who kill their victims because they share a certain similarity. Research was done it was found that most of the serial killers were a da coming from a dysfunctional background or they had some psychological imbalance in them. The end of the day what you should know is that serial killers are usually all over the world, and they are known to be quite dangerous, and they have a reputation of being traumatizing and performing inhuman acts on their victims before they killed them. Below are some examples of serial killers who ended up soaking the world when it came to the number of victims are they killed and how they perform there in heinous act.

One of the most famous serial killers was known as the zodiac killer. He was a killer who mainly used to capture his victims in North Carolina between 1960 to the 1970. What you need to know is that he was ruthless and he killed so many women before the police could actually figure him out and arrest him.

One thing that you ought to know when it comes to jack the ripper is that he is one of the most famous serial killers and it is quite unfortunate because his identity up today is a mystery. He could only kill prostitutes and hard the tendency when it comes to removing their internal organs surgically.

Ed Gein is another serial killer who was extremely repulsive and he used to skin or his victims after which he use their skins in making clothing and upholstery. The other remaining body parts of the victims were used in enhancing the beauty of his house.

We also have another serial killer who was a woman, and she was well known as Mary Ann cotton. She is believed to have killed as many as twenty people. She was so dangerous in fact she, later on, killed her children in order for her to get hold of the insurance money.

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